Accidental Racism and You. Or Me. Just me.

A few things about me. I’m a creative arts student, focusing on media and drama. Sometimes, I write scripts for performances or for screen. There’s a festival approaching at university, looking for scripts to be submitted, and then if selected, to be turned into a short play.

Im sitting here, writing away and I get an idea. So I start writing and before you know it, I’m finished. Then I read what I wrote…

Have you ever been accidentally racist?

I mean it’s easy enough to do, right? Here I am, typing away. Coming up with joke after joke, striking comedy gold. Im making myself laugh as I write, so I know I must be onto a winner. And It turns out while I may be hilarious, I’m also a massive racist.

The story is pretty basic too. It’s almost cliche. Two friends wake up after a massive night and discuss what happened the night before. Classic trope. That’s when it starts to turn a bit pair shaped.

See, I thought it would be funny, and again please reserve all judgements until the end, if one of the friends was accusing the other friend of being a racist, when in fact they themselves were being unbearably racist. A bit meta really.

Is there some stereotyping? Yes. But does it come from a place of irony? Also yes.

I could sit here any explain the entire script, but I think it would just be easier to share it on the blog. You can make up your own mind whether I’m a clever writer or a horrible human being.

On a lighter note, It’s Easter this weekend. I’m a big fan of chocolate, and firmly believe that chocolate is the most important part about the long weekend.

I did request to my family however that I only wanted white chocolate. It’s not that I don’t like dark chocolate, I just don’t trust it…

Here is my racist play okay bye!!

‘On Racism’ – A Short Script





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