Television: The Result of a Boring Sunday Night

Last night was a night I had been patiently waiting for for quite some time. Last night the latest episode of Doctor Who aired on ABC. Yes that’s right, I’m writing about Doctor Who on a blog created out of the anxiety I felt toward approaching the age of thirty and not yet being an adult. Let’s move past the irony shall we?

I’m not here to give any sort of review on the show, I just wanted to let you all know I watched it. I mean I enjoyed it? It made me laugh, it held my interest and felt like an episode of Doctor Who. Eat your heart out Margret and David.

Actually, I think I’m really looking forward to Masterchef being on again. And not even in an ironic sense; I really bloody love Masterchef. I’m not sure how many seasons in we are, but by now you could easily make a bingo card of things George Calombaris will say and tick every single box on that card.

I think you couldn’t have a bingo card on George without including boxes like ‘an inspirational speech in the dying minutes of the cook’ or ‘hitting the back of his hand onto his other hand for emphasis while talking’. I personally can’t wait to cross off ‘grossly underpaying the staff members of several of his restaurants for several years’.

I know it seems like I watch a lot of television, and you’d be right. But I’m pretty selective in what I watch. I think in choosing a television show to enjoy, you need to find the show with the perfect combination of tackiness and entertainment.

Or as I like to call it, the Grant Denyer rule.

(Also, if you live in a country other than Australia and you are still reading at this point, I apologise for the incredibly niche references I’m making to commercialised primetime television in Australia)

I want to be able to laugh both with, and at the show I’m watching at all times. Just try and find me a show that is funnier than ‘A Current Affair’.

Not only do the stories capture the absolute characterisation of most negative Australian stereotypes and expose them to a wide spread audience only perpetuating the original stereotype, but they also do beauty tips. Now that is what I want in my nightly news program!

Also Tracy Grimshaw is pretty funny. That’s not a joke.

Next time: See how one man can alienate his entire audience by writing incredibly niche references!


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