Confessions: Part One

I’m going to try something a little different this time. No, I’m not going to write the lyrics to an Usher’s ‘Confessions’, though I could…

I’m a man with a lot of thoughts. Most of them pointless, useless and generally unhelpful. Surely I can write at least twenty of the down right?

I might try to do this every month and see where my brain ends up. Anywho, here’s twenty of my most immediate thoughts.

  1. I don’t understand how a dishwasher is more energy efficient that washing dishes by hand. Then again, I don’t understand most cleaning based sciences.
  2. Why can you throw away a pillow during Hard Rubbish? It’s quite the opposite.
  3. RBT is on television at the moment. It’s on Channel Nine now, wasn’t it a Channel Seven show?
  4. Why do people have a strong hatred towards Kindles? You can have like thirty books on you at one time. I don’t get it.
  5. I wonder why bluetooth headsets for mobile phones never took off? I mean, besides the fact that you look like an absolute wanker wearing one.
  6. I know that lanyards make you look like a wanker, but I think I want one. Also, why are they called lanyards?
  7. Socks and Sandals are more impractical than they are ugly. But they’re also pretty ugly.
  8. Did BlueRay take off or nah?
  9. What is the stuff inside a Cream Egg? It seems like liquid sugar, but I think it’s probably just diabetes.
  10. What ever happened to that show on Channel Seven that was basically a big national game of bingo?
  11. Microwave Nachos are incorrect. Next.
  12. Surfing is the most inefficient mode of transportation.
  13. I often wonder what the world would look like if MySpace was still around instead of Facebook. I miss profile songs.
  14. I would rather see animals with human names, then humans with animal names. Do not name your child Rex, dickhead.
  15. I feel bad for Colin Lane. Even though Ready, Steady, Cook! is a national treasure, the man deserves better.
  16. It’s nearly May and it’s still sunny? I’m not against the sun, but please let me wear some jeans already.
  17. I’d like to dodgeball as an Olympic sport. Then I might actually watch the Olympics.
  18. If I ate nothing but tuna, I’d probably save enough money to travel around the world with no problems. I mean, Tuna is like 80c!? What!? Realistically if I ate it for every meal, then that’s what, $2.40 a day? That’s $16.80 a week!?
  19. I don’t understand the economy or the share market. I don’t see how knowing the details of the market will drastically change my life, but who knows? Maybe that’s why I’m not making that sweet cheddar?
  20. Are there any health benefits to bottled water? I mean besides looking like a cool dude, what else does it do for me?

That wasn’t so bad? Let’s do this again some time. No, I’ll call you. No I will. I promise.

Also, what kind of photo could I take that encompasses ‘Confessions’ without getting really deep? So here’s a brick wall. Bye!


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