That 80’s Aesthetic 

I was perusing the internet, looking for to scam people cause I’m a big scammer. I love scamming people out of their hard-earned dosh. I pretend to be a Nigerian prince and tell people I’m going to send then lots of money for nothing because I’m a real good scammer.

So anyway, after being a fully sick scammer, I decided to look for some new songs to listen to while I’m scamming people. And I found something. Something so quintessentially eighties.

And I love it.

This song is a remixed version of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know, and it makes whatever you’re doing while listening to it seem as though its a part of a montage in an 80’s movie. I’ve listened to it once or thirty-six times, and I’ve decided that there was no more wholesome world than the world the 80s aesthetic creates.

The colour schemes, the big hair, the incestuous romance movies (cough Blue Lagoon cough), I mean what’s not to love!?

I’m proposing a return of that 80’s aesthetic.  And I don’t mean the ‘let’s all wear horrible fluorescent coloured clothes from Target and look like Jennifer Garner out of that movie that has two names depending on where you are watching it in the world’ phase of 2008.

Let’s do it right this right this time people!

If petitions accomplished anything thing more than obtaining hundreds of fake email addresses, I would start one this moment. Because the world was a lot simpler back then. Well, except for the fact that I wouldn’t have been born yet, much to the pleasure of my ex-wife.

Wow, two ex-wife jokes in two posts. I feel a streak coming on…

In closing, maybe we should all just watch a few more 80’s movies and look at fewer films directed by Micheal Bay. Mainly because the man is cancer, but that’s a different blog post for a different time.

Oh, here is a link to the song I’m talking about. Honestly, if you listen to this song and you don’t feel like you should be growing closer with a mysterious but handsome guy who saved your life but is still really annoying and you’ve only just met because your family is only in town for the summer holidays to visit your aunt and cousins, then you’re a lost cause.

I have another board games night this evening with my nerd friends. I kid of course; they aren’t my friends. #getwrecked

To my loser friends reading this, that was a joke obviously. Nerds.

Phew! Nice save. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have heaps more scamming to do cause I’m a real good scammer.

How great is the word scamming though? Bye!


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