The Morning After…

First off, I apologise. This was meant to put up last night, but my lord did I have a hectic evening. I mean between making dinner and sitting on the couch for four hours, I basically had no time to myself. But I’ve gotten up bright and early to put this up because honestly, I felt guilty that I hadn’t.

I think I’ve become emotionally attached to this blog, much like a mother becomes attached to her child. Or if you’re from Frankston, the child support payments.

Take that Frankston.

I think it’s very easy to become attached to things you work on for an extended period of time. I mean all you need is some good quality super glue.

Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

Changing gears, I’m heading off to a high-tea this morning because I’m cultured as fuck. My partner and I have booked in for an exciting morning of tea, scones and pretentiousness. I’ve never been to a high tea before, but they sound amazing. Any activity where I’m able to sit down, drink tea and eat cake for an hour or so is more than okay with me.

I wonder what I should wear to this kind of do? Instinctually, I want to grab for my monocle and top hat, but I should probably let that idea go. You know what other idea I let go? Living with my ex-wife.

Ah, the ex-wife jokes continue!

Speaking of my ex-wife, my moustache is looking pretty good. Well, pretty good for a fifteen-year-old boy anyway. I’ve realised that the facial hair on my chin doesn’t grow all over. There is a clean line straight down the middle of it. I’m pretty sure if I keep letting it grow, I’ll look like an old but wise Asian man. Which is so lucky because that’s the exact look I’m going for.

Lastly, I need to get my haircut fixed. When I got it cut about a month ago, the place I went to butchered my hair. To the point that when I asked them to fix it, instead of grabbing any sort of device to cut my hair, they grabbed hair gel and hid all the mistakes. When I wake up in the morning, my hair legitimately looks like something straight out of anime. I’m basically Paul from Tekken.

Hello, Tekken fans.

I’ll see you guys tonight. Bye!




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