My Favourite Part of 2003

I must again apologise for yesterday! Although unlike the other day, I actually did have a completed post ready to go, though the scheduling on the site is as consistent as Malcolm Turnbull; not very.

I overheard a conversation today and was so beautifully reminded of perhaps the greatest invention and innovation of late 2003. A device which radicalised the way we look at the world and experience the digital realm.

Do you remember the Eyetoy for PS2?

How great was the Eyetoy!? Not only was it a great party-starter, but it also provided hours of very poorly constructed, mediocre fun through a variety of games with a lack of narrative and engaging content? But also you got to fight ninjas to a slightly racist Asian-themed soundtrack so it can’t be all that bad, right?

Speaking of pasta, I think I just ate way too much gnocchi. I’m sitting on the couch, watching MasterChef and regretting my life choices. A typical Monday really. What does this have to do with the EyeToy? Absolutely nothing, can’t we just talk?

Time to alienate my audience with a niche reference.

Do you remember the ABC children’s television show Jeopardy where a group of Scottish students go camping in the Glasshouse Mountains and it’s all filmed point of view style on handheld cameras and there are aliens for some reason and it went for three seasons?

It was pretty much the greatest show ever created ever full stop.

Anyway, at the end of each episode, the camera cuts to static. I remember as a child using the Eyetoy to record my own episodes of Jeopardy. I would put on a horrible Scottish accent, pretend like an alien was about to attack me and then point the camera towards the static on the old television in my room.

Sorry, my phone is ringing, I won’t be a second.

Hello? Why hello there Acadamy Awards! Yes, I would love to accept the award for the best filmmaker in history.

The point of the story today? Why on earth did we ever make the Eyetoy obsolete? I’m proposing a motion; to bring back the Eyetoy. Stand with me brothers and sisters as we March proudly towards 2003! I mean, there’s less Turnbull?

I know I could have written Trump instead of Turnbull then, but man isn’t Trump a bit overused these days?

Speaking of Turnbull, see you tomorrow for the budget. Oh yes.


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