Green. Green apple. The green is too green against me. I am grey. Grey apple. No, wait, green.

Apple, James Bond.

Granny Smith. Old lady apples. Old lady Smith. Old lady Smith in her old lady home eating old lady apples. Mr Smith eats his chips.

Green apples are better than red apples. Better than red. Red. Red is dead. Red is an army. Red is a nation. Red is a rocket. Not green.

Green is old lady Smith in her old lady home eating old lady apples.

Day is grey, sky is grey, my clothes are grey today. Shoes are black, but clothes are grey. And apples are red but red is stop and green is go. So, green is go.

Left handed apple? Or right handed apple?

Both handed apple. Both handled well.

Eat it now? Maybe not. Too many eyes staring at too much green. Sneaky green. Sneaky me. Apples are too big for jackets.

Stare at envy. Stare at gardens. Stare at what’s good. I am grey, no need to stare. Look elsewhere for your gods, not in my left hand. Hunger takes over.

Green is Old. Green is gone.

Did I just have a stroke? Budget Tomorrow, but now it’s time for sleep. I think it’s important to write and explore what’s on our minds. Today this is what came out. No jokes, no send ups. Just words freely coming out of my head. I wrote this on the bus on the way to university today, but was unsure whether or not to post it. I think though it’s important to explore every side of my brain, and while most of the time I’m going to end up writing about obscure references and absurd situations, sometimes it’s good to just write.

I’ll get back to the jokes tomorrow. Night.


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