It’s really hard to make jokes today. I was fortunate enough to experience some incredible snippets of Australian Plays this morning. Some were quite light-hearted and warm, where there were two that really affected myself and others in the room.

I think it was brave of these actors to not dampen the performance for the sake of comfort. And I think it’s brave to make that decision.

It’s hard to make jokes today because of how the performances affected me. Being tired doesn’t help, but it’s wrong to brush it aside and make that excuse.

This is not a long post, or a good post for that matter. It’s a post out of obligation. I think its important to laugh in this world, because when we forget to laugh, we get bogged down in the serious. 

Life is serious, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh along the way.

I’m standing at the bus stop, waiting to finally catch the bus home where I can sit with my partner and my cat and eat whatever junk food I can find. I will watch Masterchef reruns and remember to smile at the little things.

I hate being serious.


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