I Have Five Minutes Until my Rice is Finished.

Well hello there! It’s been two days now without a post. Way to break the purpose and sole objective of the site altogether. It’s been really tricky not having a laptop to be able to write on for the past two days, so much so that I’ve been unable to adequately post anything of worth or value to the blog at all.

But thankfully my partner has allowed me to use her laptop in the interim, so finally we can regain some much needed structure to this page. Especially after my last post on friday.

Got a bit too real there I reckon. Sorry about that…

I’ve got a large summery post, about the length of two posts mashed together that I’ll put up tomorrow along with my regular post to even out the schedule. That way It won’t seem like I’m lazy and complacent. Which I definitely am not.


So. I’ve just finally gotten home after a solid day of rehearsals. Whats for dinner? Microwave rice. Masterchef 2018 here I come. The rice is in the microwave right now, so I have all of five minutes to finish this blog, while somehow remaining both eloquent and somewhat comical.

Probably should have set it for ten minutes.

So. What’s funny? Hmmm. What’s in the news today? People seem to make jokes about topical things. Maybe Trump? Ummm. Ok what about this;

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s There?”


“Donald Who?”

“Donald from Homeland Security. Our research indicates that you and your family Mr. Sanchez are not, nor have ever been American citizens and by law we now require you to be evacuated from American soil. Please gather your family members and surrender your rights to the U.S Federal Justice system.”

Get’s me every time.

Ok, so that was a pretty cheap joke right? I mean, everything Trump does is a comedians escape card. If you’re on stage telling jokes, and nobody is laughing, pull out a Trump joke. Much like pulling out my wallet in front of my ex-wife, it’s guaranteed to get a reaction every time.

It’s good to be back.

Two minutes left until my rice is finished. Time for one last paragraph I think.

A lady took a photo of my boots tonight. Apparently it’s to get ideas for costumes for an upcoming performance. But what if she was just posing as a costume maker, and instead was some in-sensed boot lady who gets her kicks (ha.) not on the boots themselves, but only on photos of boots taken portrait style on a second generation iPad?

I think there is some clever pun I could in there about bootlegging, but my rice just finished. Tomorrow, we discuss more important things. Probably fishing.






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